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Catering Facilities

Ysgol Harri Tudur / Henry Tudor School operates a cashless catering system. Pupils and students will need a cashless catering card. These are the same ones that have previously been issued to pupils of Pembroke School. Year 7 pupils have been issued with new cards. Catering cards can be loaded in school at cash loaders or on line via the Pembrokeshire County Council website.

There are three venues to buy food at Ysgol Harri Tudur / Henry Tudor School. Each venue offers different things (as listed further below). Products sold in each venue are available at both Break 1 and Break 2. You are not allowed to eat in the corridors or a classroom, you can only eat inside the Refectory or under the canopy by the Outdoor Café.

1. The Refectory


This is situated a bit further down from the main hall. It has three doors, and if you are buying food here you must enter through door 3 (past the stairs). There will be two aisles to queue along the far wall, and you can check which queue you need to join by looking at the notice board to see what you want to buy.

The kind of food you can expect to find in the Refectory is:

  • Main meals such as roast dinner, cottage pie, lasagne – the meals for the day will be displayed on a notice board or on the television screens.
  • A daily potato choice, such as jacket potato/herby potatoes/chips.
  • Fresh vegetables and vegetarian dish of the day.
  • Pasta bake.
  • Hot desserts.
  • Jacket potato bar with fillings and salad bar.
  • Cold desserts such as jelly/yoghurt/cheesecake.

You can use door 2 (middle door) if you want to check your card balance, use the vending machine or find a seat to eat your packed lunch.

Door 1 is an exit only, and you must make sure that you have cleared away your trays etc. and put rubbish away before you leave. You are not allowed to take out of the refectory any food that you have bought.

2. The Shop (Food Zone)

Food Zone

This is situated directly opposite the exit of the Refectory between Marloes block and Angle block, and is a small servery. The queue will be to the left of the shop leaving the doors clear to the outside.

If you buy food at the shop you can either take your food outside to eat, take your food into the refectory to eat or put it directly into your bag. You are not allowed to eat in the corridors or a classroom.

The Shop only serves cold food, and you can expect to find:

  • Selection of baguettes/wraps/baps/bagels.
  • Fruit pots and vegetable pots.
  • Pasta pots (tomato or tuna).
  • Ham salad.
  • Oh-So-Scrummy cakes (Break 2 only).
  • Cold drinks including Slush.

3. The Outdoor Café

The Outdoor Cafe

This is situated outside the exit by the refectory and shop. There are two serving hatches, and both hatches serve exactly the same. Therefore, you can queue either side following the railings. So that we don’t block the walkways, if you are queuing for the left hatch you stay as far left as possible. If you are queuing for the right hatch you stay as far right as possible.

Any food bought in the Outdoor Café must be eaten outside, using the covered canopy area.

The kind of food you can expect to find in the Outdoor Café is:

  • Hot pasta pot/noodle pot/nacho pot.
  • Hot wraps/hot pizza/hot rolls.
  • Cold pastas and salads.
  • Chicken burgers and sausage rolls (not daily).
  • Fruit pot/yoghurts/ice-cream.
  • Hot drinks – tea/coffee/hot chocolate.
  • Cold drinks – including milkshake.

Updated September 2018

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