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The Welsh Government guidance regarding Covid-19 testing started this week.

Secondary School and FE learners under 18 are advised to use a LFT test every morning for 7 days following a household member testing positive for Covid 19. This is in addition to the PCR tests on day 2 and 8.

LFT's should be done in a morning to identify anyone that is potentially infectious before they arrive in school. The PCR is a very sensitive test, to detect any positive cases that may have been missed by the LFT test.

If any students need additional LFT tests, they may be collected by pupils, students or parents from the Main Reception.

PCC Press Release - Wednesday 15 September 2021

As the autumn term enters its second week, Pembrokeshire County Council has issued some simple guidance for parents on what to do if their child has symptoms of Covid-19.

“We thank parents for all their support over the past 18 months,” said Steven Richards-Downes, Director for Education.

“We hope this guidance will assist you as we progress through the autumn term.”

Any learner with symptoms – a new continuous cough, fever or high temperature or loss of, or change in, sense of smell or taste – should take a PCR test and remain in self-isolation until the test result is known.

Changes to isolation: Those who are under 18 or fully vaccinated are no longer required to self-isolate if they are identified as close contacts and are showing no symptoms.

Testing positive: If your child tests positive for Covid-19 using a PCR test, NHS Test, Trace, Protect (TTP) will contact you, using the details provided when the PCR test was ordered. They will ask questions designed to identify recent close contacts of your child.

Close contacts: Test Trace Protect will then get in touch with close contacts to provide instructions or advice. Close contacts will be offered two PCR tests (on Days 2 and 8) and provided with information and advice on how to minimise the risks of onward spread.

If your child is identified as a close contact, they can still attend school unless they develop symptoms or are advised otherwise by TTP. Please continue to let us know if your child tests positive.

Next steps: We do expect that there will be cases of COVID-19 across our community over the coming weeks, but this does not mean that COVID-19 is spreading within schools Please continue to be vigilant for symptoms. If you are in any doubt, order a PCR test for your child at or by calling 119.

“We recognise how difficult the past 18 months have been and the sacrifices that all families have had to make,” said Steven Richards-Downes.

“Thank you for everything you have done to support your child and our schools. Thank you for playing your part.”

Lateral Flow Testing (LFT) and Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) testing – Reminder

Please continue to involve your child with the LFT programme on a Sunday and Wednesday.

If the LFT test is negative and your child shows no Covid symptoms please continue to send to school.

If the LFT test is negative but your child is showing Covid symptoms please do not send your child to school, book a PCR test, await the result and follow the advice from Track, Trace and Protect. Do not send your child to school until you have had a confirmed negative PCR result and TTP have advised accordingly.

If the LFT test is positive please do not send your child to school, book a PCR test, await the result and follow the advice from Track, Trace and Protect. Do not send your child to school until you have had a confirmed negative PCR result and TTP have advised accordingly.

Do not send your child to school if you are awaiting a PCR test result.

If you have not given consent for your child to be part of the LFT programme, only send your child to school if no Covid symptoms are shown.

Please inform school of any positive LFT or PCR result - during the school day via Reception 01646 682461 (0800 to 1600 hrs) or outside these hours to

Provision of Consent for Pupils/Students Undertaking Lateral Flow Testing

Parents/Guardians/Carers are encouraged to provide consent for their child to conduct Lateral Flow Testing (LFT). Regular LFT testing is an important part of the school’s Covid mitigation measures. Testing should take place every Sunday and Wednesday; further details are given in the documents below.

Please provide consent via the link here. If you have already provided consent last year and your child remains in school, there is, to date, no need to renew your consent. This link can also be used by our new Year 7 pupils.

Test kits will routinely be issued Lesson 5 on a Monday. Test kits can also be collected from Reception during school hours (0800 to 1600 hrs).

SEPTEMBER 2021 - Face Coverings, School Transport

Please note that face coverings are required on School Transport

COVID : The Delta Variant - If you or your child have any of the following symptoms, you are strongly advised to get a PCR test
  • Mild summer cold symptoms – including sore throat, runny nose, headache
  • Flu-like symptoms, including myalgia (muscle ache or pain); excessive tiredness; persistent headache; runny nose or blocked nose; persistent sneezing; sore throat and/or hoarseness, shortness of breath or wheezing
  • Generally feeling unwell and a history of being in contact with a known Covid-19 case
  • Any new or change in symptoms following a previous negative test

If you have any of the symptoms listed above, even if you have been vaccinated, please stay home and book a PCR test through the UK portal or call 119.

School Covid Risk Assessment And Covid Operating Instructions

The Ysgol Harri Tudor/Henry Tudor School Risk Assessment and School Covid Operating Instructions are subject to ongoing review. Please note in particular that;

Any staff member or pupil/student who has possible symptoms of COVID-19 must not attend school but must remain home and self-isolate, arrange a COVID-19 test and notify the school of this. The key symptoms are;

  • onset of a new continuous cough,
  • high temperature (fever),
  • loss of, or change in, normal sense of taste or smell (anosmia).

Additionally, any family/household member or any member of staff or pupil/student who displays possible symptoms of COVID-19 then the staff member or pupil/student must not attend school but must remain at home and commence a period of household isolation. Again the school should be notified of this.

Additional Learning Resources : Friday January 8th 2021

A comprehensive list of supporting additional resources and websites for pupils, arranged by Year groups, is available on our digital learning website:

Barnardo's Cymru | Barnardo’s launches counselling and wellbeing services for families struggling with the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic in Wales

Welsh Government 'Live Fear Free' - Firebreak Lockdown information

Accessing Google Classroom Through PS4 Or Xbox

Accessing GC via Games Console

Don't Send Your Child To School If They Have Any Covid-19 Symptoms

Don't Send Your Child to School if They Have Any COVID-19 Symptoms

Privacy notice - Schools record Keeping relating To covid-19 To Support Test, Trace, Protect

Tuesday 15 September 2020 | Updated Symptomatic Pupil Action List For Parents

Please see below links to the Symptomatic Pupil Action List for Parents.

Gweler isod y dolenni i'r Rhestr Gweithredu Disgyblion Symptomatig i Rieni.

Mindfulness Teaching For Pupils

This approach is proving to be a successful and highly useful coping strategy for young people and adults alike. More details about mindfulness are available as PDF's below. to get in touch email

Ms R Dean has been doing some work with Jerome Flynn over the past few months, he's a patron of MiSP (Mindfulness in Schools Project) and a huge advocate of Mindfulness. Here's the link to a wellbeing webinar with Jerome that some parents might be interested in having a look at

School Counselling Service – Pembrokeshire

The School Counselling Service – Pembrokeshire is now able to offer online and telephone counselling sessions for young people aged 10 to 19. To book a session or find out more email: or phone 07879694943 during working hours.

Accessing School Counselling & National Counselling Support During This Difficult Period

Information for learners, parents and staff:

Top Ten Tips To Support Parents During Covid-19 Restrictions

Please find attached latest resources to support parents with child development during Covid-19

Tanyard Youth Project


Information From The Additional Needs Department

We appreciate that during this difficult time pupils with additional needs and their parents may feel isolated and worried. The ALN team will continue to offer advice and support. If you wish to contact us please use the emails listed below.

Ann Andrews, ALNCO/Assistant Headteacher:

Sue Beasley Assistant, ALNCO:

Neil Truman, Head of the LRC:

Please see attached helpful booklet which was put together by colleagues in Community Family Psychology, Neurodevelopmental Team and Children’s Occupational Therapy (20th March 2020)

Operation Encompass

Supporting Children Through Key Adults.

All schools in Pembrokeshire currently take part in a project called Operation Encompass that runs jointly between schools and Dyfed-Powys Police as a county wide initiative.

Domestic Abuse Advice And Support

Dyfed Powys Police are still offering support to people living with domestic abuse even in the midst of COVID19.

Please see the attached Help and Support document for those who are experiencing (or know someone experiencing) abuse and sexual violence during the coronavirus emergency.

School Based Youth Worker

Please find contact details of our School based youth worker on the attached PDF

Resources And Information For Parents, Carers, Schools And Supporting Professionals During The Coronavirus

Please note: This document has been compiled by Educational and Child Psychologist’s throughout the UK.

Young Minds Helpline

Advice Helpline for Parents

YoungMinds Parents Helpline

YoungMinds Parents Helpline is available to offer advice to parents and carers worried about a child or young person under 25.

You may have questions about a child’s behaviour, emotional wellbeing, or mental health condition. You may have a child who’s already been admitted to CAMHS and have questions about their treatment or want to know what to say to your GP when you visit them.

YoungMinds trained advisers are available to give parents help and advice, whatever the question.

Call the Parents Helpline its free Mon-Fri from 9.30am to 4pm – available in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Phone: 0808 802 5544

Calls may be recorded for monitoring or training purposes.

Outside of the Parents Helpline hours

Out of operating hours, you can contact the Parents Helpline via YoungMinds online contact form:

Tuesday March 24th : Tips For Families

Please see a useful document offering tips and advice to families during this pandemic.

PCC Inclusion Service ALN Resources And Links For Parents And Schools

Please note, additional resource information will be shared on the Local Authority Inclusion Service Facebook page.

Useful Learning Websites

The attached is a list of reading-related websites, which have activities, videos, reviews etc.